An Omisego forked blockchain focused at enhancing the security of cryptocurrency payments through online secure authentications

Bringing security to all digital interactions.

OMGclassic is a community-driven project focused at creating an enabling environment, which will allow anyone to conduct real-time, peer-to-peer financial transactions, including but not limited to payments, remittances, payroll deposit, B2B commerce, supply-chain, finance, asset management, and other on-demand services in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. By enabling decentralized exchange at high volume, improved security and low cost, OMGClassic provides a next-generation value transfer service operating across currencies and asset types, and across national borders and corporate ledgers. It is structured as a proof-of-stake and infinitely scalable Plasma blockchain with a decentralized exchange built into its core consensus layer, thus allowing an efficient low-cost security, scalability, and settlement for all financial applications that will run on the OMG networK. OMGClassic is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem among payment processors, gateways and financial institutions.

Join Airdrop While it's still live!

Only the first 20,000 submissions are eligible to claim Airdrop


Secure Data

Protect your personal information. User accreditation system powered by public key cryptography.

Internal Exchange

Provision of a internal decentralized exchange structure to provide multi-asset and cross-chain interoperability that is scalable, safe and secure.

Mobile & Desktop

Activate your personal services and enable authentications with your smartphone.

Fully Decentralized

OMGclassic is not owned or controlled by any central authority. It is controlled by users and validators


OMGclassic uses the same plasma architecture as OMG which allows for unlimited scalability with unprecedented transaction speed, combination of proof-of-stake token bonding, fraud proofs and a withdrawal design to efficiently counter network attacks.

Simple Pay

Prevents operation denials while reducing the difficulty in the digital transactions.

Powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, OMGclassic is currently Airdropping 50% of its total supply to the first 20,000 people to register and join the Airdrop program. Each member would receive 5000 OMGC valued at $250 at sale price.

OMG holders will receive bonus tokens on a 1:1000 ratio
ETH holders will receive bonus tokens on a 1:2500 ratio

Total Supply: 200,000,000 OMGC
Sale price: 0.05$

Project Roadmap

  1. The OMGclassic idea and research.
  2. Design and development
  3. Airdrop program launch and token distribution.
  4. Exchange listings and partnership.
  5. Software development kit for integrations.
  6. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.
  7. OMGclassic positions itself as the leading worldwide platform to make digital interactions secure.